Arts Development


Artist in Residence at the Queens Centre, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham

The art scheme for the new Queen's Centre for Oncology and Haematology, Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham, began during the construction of the hospital in 2006.

During August 2009 the Artist in Residence completed a 3 year art programme, finishing off the project with a ceramic frieze and a leaflet the mark the installation of the piece called "Collections".

The frieze was developed and completed in partnership with Hull College and the artist worked closely Nancy Pliener, Head of Ceramics and Glass. This partnership brought a together vibrant mix of ideas and techniques which culminated in the development of themed pieces of ceramic and glass artworks based on bringing the outside environment into the hospital.

The frieze is a large scale piece assembled in 3 significant sections and runs along a corridor spanning three wards in the hospital. Ceramic Acer leaves are positioned near the pillars in the wall to create the impression of tree-tops, through the double doors you find poppies, a dandelion clock, foxgloves and euphorbia take you along the corridor and finishing with a seashore theme of limpets, seaweed and shells.

Over 60 students took part in the project and it was completed in spring 2010 and celebrated with the launch of a leaflet and presentation event.

The development of the Artist in Residence project was the realisation of many meetings and negotiations with the NHS capital development steering group who we're incredibly supportive and enthusiastic to bring in the arts and an innovative approach to the development of the Centre. We would like to thank everybody that took part in this project; we found it a rewarding and exciting scheme to be part of.

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