The Spotlight Gallery




Spotlight Showcasing:Dark Matters by  Leanne Broadbent

1st of May - 2nd of June

 Pen and Paper, 2014

Broadbent has been creating a body of work in response to social concerns in contemporary society, morality and its emotional implications, exploring aspects of mental health, the human condition and the psychological state of being on the edge.

By stripping her work back to primarily drawings, Broadbent allows herself to create elements of beauty, contradicting and contrasting with sinister imagery which portrays serious and often disturbing subject matter. Ultimately, the work aims to create a narrative of tension conveying important contemporary issues. Through these images the artist aims to open discourse and debate tackling these social topics of taboo. 



Twitter: @art_Lbroadbent

Fb: @Leannebroadbent.artist

Insta: @leanne_broadbent







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