The Spotlight Gallery


Spotlight Showcasing: Approximations of Something

Sam Larter (Hull) August 18 - September 29, 2017

Artlink is pleased to present "Approximations of Something", sculptural works by Sam Larter. A recent First Class Fine Art graduate. Sam Larter's work is rooted in the everyday, the familiar and the ubiquitous. Her intention is to transform objects and materials using traditional art mediums such as plaster and paint. Often she will use discarded objects. Items that have been used and are no longer valued. Larter will manipulate these by dipping, bending, crumpling, draping or cutting.

Larter is aware of sculptural forms within space and of the value of form, the unconventional and unornamental. She captures the stark abstractness; lack of detail of found items thus presenting the viewer with a pictorial; illusionistic object. Therefore, the resulting work will interrupt or unexpectedly belong to the space they are placed within. The work can create an air of uncertainty purely by manipulating the materials, prompting the viewer to decipher what they are seeing but also by how the work may feel.

Her work challenges expectations of material, subject matter and the value of objects. She will subvert items that we use routinely altering the perceptions of the prescribed consumption it was intended for. They are combinations that have been captured with an idiosyncratic eye of the everyday visual encounters using memory, imagination and life.


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