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Spotlight Showcasing: Drawing you, drawing.


Ella Dorton (born 1991- From Hull)


I never get bored of drawing people, it's a way of getting to know a person, of watching and listening and giving them your full attention.

I like to draw people in the flow of life, doing everyday things - eating, brewing up, talking, reading, art making, sleeping - partly so art and everyday life can intertwine, and because there's beauty in these mundane moments.

For the past year I've been hosting this open art workshop, called Inside-Out, which happens at Ground- a workshop space and Gallery I run with my friends. It's quite a wonderful mix of people, and I've been drawing them drawing for the past year. From these, I've made fabric collages, using old clothes and curtains and a sewing machine; these make up the exhibition.



You can find out more about Ella Dorton's work here:




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