The Gallery


TANYA RAABE WEBBER - Solo Show / Residency / Workshops

02/02/17 - 25/02/17



Artlink is pleased to have held  its first show in 2017 will be with artist Tanya Raabe Webber. Tanya is a well respected portrait artist whose project ‘portraits untold' has been shown at The National Portrait gallery, she challenges the notion of identity within contemporary portraiture, often creating portraits of high profile disabled people during live sittings in high profile public art galleries and venues.

Tanya held a residency at Artlink from the 13th - 18th February and conducted a series of workshops. Four sitters were been chosen to take part and we invited members of the public to join us in the open conversation with some of Hull's leading figures on arts, diversity and culture. The day long workshops were  a great opportunity to engage and partake in a siting with a successful national portrait artist.




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