The Gallery


Utopia Deferred
Paul Collinson, Mandy Payne and Connor Rogers

21st May - 2nd July

Utopia Deferred poster

This exhibition features the painting works of three John Moores Painting Prize Alumni – Hull based Paul Collinson, and Sheffield based Mandy Payne and Conor Rogers.

Each of the three artists explores the spaces and themes of urban landscapes through both content and materials – so in place of more traditional rolling fields and nature, we have the geometric forms and shadows of brutalist architecture; photorealistic paintings upon discarded cigarette packets; and paintings of derelict urban spaces, produced from photographs of lo-fi 3D models of imaginary yet plausible spaces.

Through this series of works, the painters attempt to investigate notions of how we live within our current surroundings, focusing upon themes of Utopia, both real and imagined.

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