The Gallery


Concrete Wasteland 18/01/2016 - 22/01/2016

Clare Holdstock

Concrete Wasteland brings together Clare Holdstock's recent body of work, in which she begins to dig beneath the surface of, and to unearth the rich trajectory of twentieth century architectural Modernism.

The installation Concrete Wasteland brings the gallery terrain to life through concrete sculptural interventions - Modernist paving stones lean against the walls and palm tree-esque cordyline and spider plants appear to grow out of crumbled Modernist ruins. This installation explores the latter phase of Modernist architecture in which the high-design of the Bauhaus was developed, and perhaps corrupted, in the state-led mass building of concrete jungles, or vast council housing projects in cities across Britain.

The Modernist relics that the show presents are particularly relevant in regard to the developments across Hull in preparation for the 2017 City of Culture year. Immense social, utopian urban planning is taking place in a twenty-first century context in a different form - this time under the auspices of ‘regeneration'.

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