The Gallery


Suited & Booted

12/09/15 - 31/10/15

Touring Venues:
HSAD - 14th - 27th November 2015 
History Centre - 6th - 29th January 2016
Holy Trinity - 30th January - 27th Febraury 2016

Trawlermen: Suited and Booted was a Heritage Lottery funded project which begun in January. Originally presented to us by local textile designer Clare Day, we were eager to collect first hand evidence of onshore life and dress of deep sea trawlermen, specifically through the men themselves, their families and others associated with the industry and area of Hessle Road 1950-1974. Working with documentary film maker Antony Hatfield, we captured some of these stories and this helped to shape a community engagement programme which saw the production of new suit jackets by Hull School of Art & Design students, a new body of work by Clare Day and HSAD textile students, two commissioned illustrators, a huge body of work from community groups and an education pack.


From 1950-1974 Hull's trawlermen created a unique subculture. After spending three weeks at sea they would return to Hull and have expensive and extravagant suits made at local tailors. They would even spend time designing their own suits whilst on board the trawlers and head to the tailors with new and exciting designs on their return. Only deep sea trawlermen were allowed to wear these suits which had many distinguishing features such as half-moon pockets, pleats and Spanish waistbands. 




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