The Gallery


Digital Double by Lorna Moore

Exhibition runs from 04/04/08 until 05/05/08
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

Digital Double still 1

An interactive real time video installation at the Artlink Gallery exploring real time video technology through audience interaction

This exciting exhibition at the Artlink Gallery showcases an interactive video installation where users can interrelate with their own 'digital double' in real time, through a variety of triggers already pre-set by the artist. Users can experience their digital double in various different ways such as dissolving or freezing in space, multiples of themselves, spinning or even in different surroundings.

Digital Double still 2

Digital Double is a new work in progress that Lorna has been working on since December 2007. This intervention is part of the artist's research and development. The installation seen is intended to generate debate regarding the representation of the digital double in real time. This research is an exploration of real time video using digital media.

Lorna intends to develop her ideas throughout the month to inform her practice to create new work. Lorna will be working in the gallery over a three week period to develop her ideas within the space and to create an opportunity for audiences to discuss her practice, raise questions and learn about new technologies.

Digital Double still 3

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