The Gallery



13th July - 24th August

Hull Art is an online collective of artists living and working in city. This exhibition showcased a piece of work from 20 artists selected by you. The Facebook public were invited to vote on their favourite piece from over thousands of works, and the final 20 were on show.

The following artist were featured in this exhibition-

1 Keith Britton , 2 Dave Todd, 3 Karl Holtby  4 Kyle Barmby, 5 Rob Sutton, 6 Andrew Welford, 7 Lesley Binks, 8 Hayley Booth, 9 Annie Watson,10 Mark Carmichael,

11 Chris Wood, 12 Ben Howard, 13 Emma Robinson, 14 Anna Bean, 15 Dot Harrall, 16 Deborah Foote, 17 Phill Clarkson,18 S.R. Willie, 19 Chris Westerdale, 20 Paul Anthony Wilson




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