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Tides of R-evolution by Saffron Waghorn
7 February – 3 March 2008

A two phase exhibition celebrating the end of a sixty year old cliff top community at Skipsea, on the East Coast and the beginning of Eco-friendly strawbale builds as a relocation development on new land to the west.

The Sculptor Saffron Waghorn has lived a sustainable lifestyle for almost twenty years and has designed the new builds taking into consideration the climate. Over that time Saffron has documented the demolishing and rebuilding of the existing chalets in an attempt to overcome the effects of global warming. Rising tides and ancient drainage systems result in us losing our homes and watching our precious land being washed into the sea, with no compensation.

Tides image cliff edge Tides of r–evolution

This exhibition shows the ebb and flow of a Women’s Community and their relationship with the environment. It demonstrates the capabilities of women in manual trades, reflecting the way they learn and share physical, technical and practical skills to build and enjoy a better world. These aesthetically pleasing, low–impact homes imbued with creativity and spirituality will be built by twelve international strawbale ambassadors and their crews, through a series of courses.

This is the result of twenty years research, dedication and determination by the pioneer of strawbale innovation Barbara Jones of Amazonails. - Opens in new window.

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