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The Production of Meaning

The Production of Meaning exhibition


As humans we are able to articulate our ideas and thoughts through a variety of forms, shapes, sounds and movements. We adorn our bodies, mark our landscape, we spray our walls and send our words through the ether to one another. And words....the concept of a word, it can refer to a spoken or a written one, sometimes it can refer to the abstract concept behind both.

This exhibition will feature a graffiti commission: a whole wall especially painted for the exhibition by local artist Ollie Marshall. It will also feature story sound recordings in 5 different languages recorded by local creative Rasul Ahmadi and the wonderfully expressive and provocative oil paintings of Steve Upton. 

Through the medium of print, graffiti, oil paint, photography, artefacts and audio; this exhibition looks at the use of text and word in a variety of art forms and hopes to provoke discussion about words and how they are used to produce meaning. 


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