The Gallery


Vision Leaflet

This show is a collection of work created by this year's graduating BA (Hons) Lens Based Media course from Hull's School of Art and Design.


These students have spent the last three years learning and retaining knowledge on the historical and theoretical elements of photography through to the application of lens and time based media in the modern world. Their involvement on the course has informed their own practice and developed their critical approach to their contemporaries and future work.

Each student has developed and evolved their skills in photo media to present their own individual vision. Some have focused on the technique and equipment whilst others have centred on a more conceptual approach. Their individual creative voices have been collated into this exhibit, displaying their own talents and ideas whilst highlighting the inspirational nature of working closely to one another.

Some of this work conveys a strong sense of social and political awareness whilst other work portrays a more whimsical humours approach to the trials and tribulations of life. Some of this work moves from the static to the animated whilst keeping a focus on the invention of the individual ideas of each student, but it is the time and commitment to the production of a collective body of work that pulls this exhibition together.

These new artists and makers are part of a creative and inspirational future for Hull's arts community. Artlink is proud to be this year's venue and looks forward to working with these new artists in the future. 


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