The Gallery


England's Favourite Landscape

An exhibition of paintings & models by Paul Collinson

NEWS: Artlink is excited to announce thatdue to popular demand we will be extending our Paul Collinson show to Saturday 21st May! So please come down while you still can (open Monday - Saturday's 10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Welcome to Artlink's new exhibition of works by Hull based artist Paul Collinson. The show features a selection of oil paintings and models focusing on the experienced and imagined landscape, mixing references of the historic and the contemporary rural and urban environments.

Paul Collinson exhibition image

At first, it may be difficult to grasp how with such photo realistic painting it would be possible to capture these scenes. However, take a closer look at the painterly marks on the canvas, inspect the changes in focus in the frame and the strange lighting in the composition. The image we see is that of a process of construction, it's a painting of a method with which Collinson uses deftly.

Paul Collinson exhibition image

Collinson employs low tech model making skills to invent fictional landscapes, which in turn are photographed and then painted. The show includes examples of Collinson's models, with these we can see the process of his playful childlike creations. We can see the models in context of the paintings and vice versa, we get a chance to see the beginning and the end. How Collinson gets from one to the other is part of the experience of this exhibition, as he asks us to be the collective eye and mediate between the initial idea and the realised version of his own landscapes.



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