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Time to Shine Exhibition poster

Welcome to our new exhibition, a show made for and by the talented young people of Hull Siblings Support Service.

Image of Exhibition 1

Hull Sibling Support Service  provides group support to children whose brothers or sisters have disabilities or suffer chronic illness.

Image of Exhibition 2

Time to Shine was created as a response to a previous film collaboration with some of the young people who used the service.  We saw the need to celebrate the creativity and individuality of each young person. We aimed to give each a medium of their own to discover their own artistic talent and then share their skills with their friends and families- their own Time to Shine.

Image of Exhibition 3

This exhibition is the culmination of eight months of hard work in which the young people explored a range of different art-forms such as screen printing, music making, assemblage and animation. By displaying our budding young artists' work in a colourful, exciting and interactive way we aim to engage more young people with these forms of art and to ignite the creativity in our visitors.

Image of Exhibition 4

In this show we encourage curiosity, actively promote our visitors to get involved with the artwork and explore how they are achieved. Delve into our cabinet of curiosities, lose yourself in  the music on our listening bench and get creative with our light box in the ‘room of illumination'.

Image of Exhibition 5

In our darkened section we took the 'Shine' in 'Time to Shine' a little more literally.

Exhibition Image 6

With technology such as our sound desk and our hanging birdcages the exhibition had a fantastic immersive feel.

Exhibition Image 7

The exhibition proved to be a great success.

Exhibition Image 8

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