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Toads: Adorned + Adored

Toads: Adorned + Adored Poster

Many of you will have seen how our city was transformed last year by the spawning of giant adorned toads. Some of you may be new to this phenomenon of sculpted toads presiding over areas of Hull, but whether knowledgeable or newcomer it is fair to say that the Toads project was a fascinating visual induction into our city.

Larkin Toad whole view

From June through to December 2010, spanning 25 weeks the Larkin 25 Festival took place, commemorating the life and work of Philip Larkin. The festival included workshops, events, exhibitions and the largest mass participation public art project Hull has ever seen....Larkin with Toads!

Larkin Toad head

Populating the streets of the city with giant toads was merely the realisation of a project that involved a great number of people, art materials, time and effort and possibly most important of all, creativity.

Larkin Toad eye

This exhibition takes a look at the initial creativity of the design for some of the sculpted toads, along with some of the designs that were not realised in giant toad form. Every artist approached the brief in a different manor and consequently each design differs from the other greatly.

Larkin Toad front

We also take a look at the developing stages of the toads, see them in their workshop, in the hands of the artists and awaiting release onto the streets of Hull. All these photographs were taken by Larkin 25's resident Toadographer.......get it?!

Larkin Toad back

Children and adults alike, fell in love with the toads and this show aims to keep both entertained. For children there are activity sheets, colouring in sheets and an activity area just for them. For everyone to enjoy is our interactive toad (kindly donated to the exhibit by Rick Welton), draw and adorn him throughout the show to create an ever changing free forming work of art.

Larkin Toad leg

Enjoy the exhibit and if you have any questions just ask!

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