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Mini Print 2010

Welcome to Artlink's annual Mini Print show!

Every year Artlink holds an open call exhibition, an opportunity for local artists, artists from further afield in the UK and artists from over-seas to submit work to our gallery.

 Mini Print 2010

This year we are proud to showcase a diverse range of techniques, skills, approach and conception. The prints vary in price and give you the opportunity to purchase an original artwork at a bargain price!

If you would like to purchase a work please see a member of staff and we will discuss the process of payment and collection.

Work can be bought in 3 ways:

  • As the individual print at the price listed
  • In its mount for an extra cost of £1
  • In both mount and frame for an extra cost of £7 for rounded frames and £5 for box frame (we can change the current frame a work is in)

We have several collection days for work that has been purchased. This is to allow us to prepare your purchased work and to prepare a replacement. The collection days are as follows:

  • Friday 10th December 2010
  • Saturday 18th December 2010
  • Saturday 8th January 2011
  • Friday 14th January 2011
  • Saturday 22nd January 2011

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. 


Artists Featured:

Caroline Barker

Kim  Barker

Anna Bean

Wendy Bird

Quentit Budworth

Diane Chatterton

Sara Clark

Emily Cox

Martin Cox

Janet Cox

Aaron Cryan

A.P Dakin

Rebecca Dennison

Leo Foster

June Hammound

Etta Lucy Hawksworth

Ingrid Anna Holborn

Charlotte Jenner

Frances Kelly

Angela Lindsley

Linda Martin

Barbara Veloso

Aleksandra Wozaniak

Poppy Collier

Tom Fitzpatrick

Aimee Cooper

Val Mager

Brian McKenzie

Eileen Moodie,

Olwyn Reading

Jean Rippon

Jacqui Riding

Claire Jenna Sawdon

Catherine Scriven

H. Turner

Kerry Watson

Claire West.

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