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The cave of Return

The Cave of Return - Glynis Neslen 2003

In October, Black History is celebrated all over the UK. It's message is to promote knowledge of black history whilst heightening the confidence and awareness of black people to their cultural heritage. During this month there are events all over the UK and in Hull that relate to this objective.

In conjunction with Hull Black History Partnership, Artlink programmed this show in a response to the idea of ‘history'.

History is a continuous narrative of past events relating to people, places and cultures. As a society we document and trace history. We do this to make sense of our past, to accept the present and to help negotiate the future. Our personal and social histories form a landscape of ourselves. The amount of knowledge we have about our past and the chronology of it shapes that landscape. 

Black History Month

This exhibit looked to the hidden histories, the enigmatic and subtle messages that can be found in a personal and collective history. Exploring the image, the form and the written word the exhibit asked the viewer, to see beyond the obvious. Featuring work by Glynis Neslen, a series of digital photographs taken at UK shorelines and beautifully hand carved wooden sculptures depict an element of Black culture that resonates beyond the first viewing. Arike Oke's short story flows through the exhibit, a tonal narrative that captures a sense of belonging and identity.

Black History Month

On first viewing an artwork, we construct an idea of what the image represents and what it's meant to mean, adding a context can expand the initial theory or even change it completely.

The work in this show embraced the context of Black Hidden Histories and pulled into focus the relationship between what we see, and what we know.

Black History Month

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