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Nigel Grimmer


Exhibition ran from Saturday 21st August to Monday 20th September 2010.

To mark the tenth anniversary of his photographic project "Roadkill Family Album" artist Nigel Grimmer is presenting "Senti-Monu-Mental" a retrospective selection of his alternatives to the traditional family snapshot album.

Nigel Grimmer opening night    Roadkill image Dad  the dunces mum          


Nigel Grimmer uses his art practice to explore the relationship between the images we produce of ourselves and the images we see around us, at the cinema, on television or in advertising; and how this relationship affects our sense of identity. Grimmer takes an archive of ephemera from popular culture, such as action figures, dolls and joke shop props and places this into his personal stories.

For further information about Nigel Grimmer, go to

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