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Exhibition from 19/6/10 to 15/6/10

An exhibition at the Artlink Gallery exploring genealogy and heritage through a diverse collection of insightful & new artwork, including photographs and sculpture, by Katy and Rebecca Beinart.

Origination an exhibition by sisters and artists Katy and Rebecca Beinart who, in December 2009, embarked on a journey by ship to retrace the route of their ancestors from Eastern Europe to South Africa. They then had a 3 month residency at Greatmore Studios in Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch, funded by Arts Council England, investigating their personal cultural heritage and interweaving it with other's stories.

During the residency, they created a series of works, both site-based and gallery based, which built on the experiences of the journey.  These included exploring physical sites of memory, recreating thresholds of the homes their ancestors lived in, and discovering the cultural traditions which they would have brought from Eastern Europe.

Origination showcased a combination of works made in South Africa and new works created for Hull, including large photographic prints, film, sculpture and installation. Hull was a stopping place en route from Russia to South Africa for the artist's great-grandparents, so it holds a special memory for the artists.

With a talk by the artists on Saturday 19th June at 2pm.

"Though I have missed you so very much" a guided Walk on Thursday 8th July at 3pm, with the Artists.

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