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Mark Making

Exhibition runs from 14/08/09 until 14/09/09
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

A Men's Work exhibition at the Artlink gallery showcasing artforms which explore the theme of ‘mark making' including intricate drawings, spontaneous sketches and expressive paintings

 Peter Ronald Coates' work

The Artlink gallery is currently holding its eighth annual Men's Work exhibition. This year, the show was given the title ‘Mark Making' and artists were asked to submit work inspired by this theme. Chosen for their creative merit and distinctive response to the theme, nine artists and an artist collective showcase their work in Mark Making.

Artwork by (l to r): Matt Midwood, Rick Welton

The artists selected to exhibit are based in the local region and further afield, even outside the UK. The artists presented in this show whose work is new to Artlink are Richard Joel Bannister from Bolton, Sam Clift from Nottingham, Robert Luzar from London and Vivek Chockalingham from Nepal. Together with Peter Ronald Coates, Matt Midwood, Rob Swan, Rick Welton, Paul Weymes and artist collective Bakersville, who are all from the Hull area, representing the wealth of talent on our doorstep.

Artwork by (l to r): Paul Weymes, Bakersville

Artwork by (l to r): Richard Joel Bannister, Sam Clift

On display is an amazing variety of work, both in style and media which explores the theme of ‘mark making' including intricate drawings, spontaneous sketches and expressive painting and other more unconventional approaches including digital artwork, light drawings and mixed media assemblages. With such an extensive assortment of artwork on show, this exhibition will surely be an opportunity for visitors to experience a broad insight into the creative practices and ideas of present-day artists. 

Artwork by (l to r): Rob Swan, Vivek Chockalingham

Robert Luzar's work

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