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The Writing's on the Wall

Exhibition runs from 05/06/09 until 06/07/09
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

An exhibition at the Artlink gallery in conjunction wih the Humber Mouth Literature Festival showcasing eight contrasting artists from around the UK whose work incorporates text as a fundamental and necessary element.

Aneliese Jone's Pick Me

On show is an interactive installation experiment by Aneliese Jones entitled ‘Pick Me', which intends to explore elements of identity and the segregation of individuals into pre-disposed sectors by language. Another artwork for visitors to interact with is a sculpture created by Pascal-Michel Dubois, who sees his art practice as a device inviting the spectator to question and investigate our familiar fields of knowledge and imagination.

Amelia Crouch's work (left); Pascal-Michel Dubois' interactive sculpture (right)

Photographs from Mandy Williams' Memento Mori series use text to explore how our assimilation of new technologies has changed the way we express empathy and show remembrance. John Steel has been exploring the psychedelic possibilities of Photoshop for over twenty years, his recent eccentric prints on display are loosely based on picture postcards he published in the Eighties. Janet Sainsbury is showing a selection of colourful collage paintings inspired by human relationships and everyday experiences; she is interested in exploring the banal and dark humour that comes from the failed attempts we make at communication and the infinite number of interpretations that can follow.

Mandy Williams' work (left); Janet Sainsbury's work (right)

‘The Fighting man', by Rupert Clamp, takes its inspiration from War in Peace magazine published during the 1980's; throughout Rupert's practice he uses text presented in familiar forms to raise questions and create points of departure. Amelia Crouch uses words in her work to describe figurative visual images or suggest interactions between people, her works in this show are witty pieces that will make the viewer double take and re-process what they have read. Diana Ali is exhibiting a collaborative piece which consists of countless tiny postcards manipulated by a combination of artists, writers and thinkers that explores language and visual interchange.

Janet Sainsbury's work (left); Rupert Clamp's 'Fighting Man' piece (right)

Artlink will be staging a series of gallery based talks and workshops led by exhibiting artists suitable for adults during the Humber Mouth Festival. For full details of these listings please see the Events Calendar.

Diana Ali's Post-Authorship Project

John Steel's work (left); Amelia Crouch's work entitled Baby (right)

Amelia Crouch's work

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