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Tides of R-evolution: Phase II

Exhibition runs from 06/02/09 until 02/03/09
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm


An exhibition at the Artlink Gallery showcasing the second phase of the ‘Tides of R-evolution' series by artist Saffron Waghorn. This multi media show explores the theme of women working in the field of strawbale building both at Skipsea and other sites, and features a variety of art-forms including sculpture, photography and film.

There will be a film showing and talk to accompany this exhibition, please see the events page for more information

 Tides Phase II

Saffron Waghorn is a multi talented artist who has lived on the cliff top at Skipsea for the last 20 years. She is a professional Stonemason specialising in public and community artwork comprising of sculpture carving and lettercutting in the most durable of materials - stone. Saffron's subject matter varies according to the site and theme of the commission, although architectural masonry and the geometry found in natural organisms are her main inspiration.

 Tides Phase II

This exhibition, called ‘Gravitational Forces' is second phase in the Tides of R-evolution series, the first phase, ‘Elemental Changes', focused on the old cliff top chalets and women who inhabited them. This time it will explore women in the field of Strawbale building both at Skipsea and other sites and the idea of ‘re-addressing the balance'. There is a definite lack of women in the Construction Industry: Architects, Masons, Carpenters, Roofers, Plasterers and Plumbers - in every trade there's a shortage of skilled labour. Women are high achievers in this sector of employment and the wages are good, women from any walk of life who are interested in joining in the courses at Saffron's are welcome. The aim is to establish and promote the ethos of living lightly and comfortably on the land with minimum carbon footprint.

Saffron is working with Amazonails - the pioneering strawbale company - and she intends to build beautiful dwellings which reflect both her artistic vision and practical skills. During the next three to five years people will be invited to learn all the practical skills relating to strawbale building through a series of courses. The aims being to inspire people to change their habits of consumption, be resourceful, be more respectful to their environment, to obtain a sense of wellbeing and achievement whilst meeting positive inspirational people and having fun.

Tides Phase II




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