The Gallery


Men's Work 2008

Exhibition runs from 05/09/08 until 06/10/08
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm


An exhibition showcasing a diverse collection of work by eleven male artists from around the UK. On display is an immense variety of artforms which reflect the talent and creativity of present-day artists

Artists L to R:Jehan (David Yates), Matthew Midwood

The Artlink Gallery is holding its seventh annual ‘Men's Work' exhibition during September 2008. Eleven male artists from all over the UK feature in this show, their work selected from over 40 artists who submitted work for this open exhibition.

 Artists L to R: David Hay, Christopher Rainham

On display is an extremely vast array of work, both in style and theme, an intentional element to the Men's Work 2008 exhibition to illustrate the magnitude of ability and imagination that is apparent in current professional artists. The artists presented in this exhibition are: Chris Ballingall, Stuart Gordon, David Hay, Sam Holden, Matthew Midwood, Tony O'Connell, Godfrey Phillips, Christopher Rainham, Mitchell Robinson, Martin Waters and Jehan (David Yates).


Artist: Mitchell Robinson - 'Seedman'


Artforms which will be showcased during Men's Work 2008 are: film, photography, photomontage, mono-print, mixed media, assemblage, abstract and representational painting and 3D work. With such an extensive assortment of artwork on show, this exhibition will surely be an opportunity for visitors to experience a broad insight into the creative practices and ideas of present-day artists.


Artist: Tony O'Connell


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