The Gallery


Behind Closed Doors

by Carolyn Mendelsohn 

Exhibition runs from 08/08/08 until 01/09/08
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

Appealing to the child in us all, this interactive installation takes place in the Artlink Gallery, and invites us to open doors into secret, strange and magical places.


Behind Closed Doors Exhibition

"Curiouser and curiouser!" You are invited to open doors into secret, strange and magical places, as you watch images and listen to evocative soundtracks.

Film maker/artist, Caroyln Mendelsohn said, "As a child I used to spend hours sitting in my cupboard rustling the clothes with my hands imagining I was entering Narnia. I didn't touch the back of the cupboard but instead held on to the exquisite feeling of magical possibility, rather than the harshness of uncompromising reality."

Behind Closed Doors Exhibition

This exhibition is the result of an exciting collaboration between Carolyn Mendelsohn and Graham Coatman an accomplished composer, musical director and pianist.

Carolyn also says of her work, " As an artist I aim to transform spaces by using visual images, sound, drama ( anything I can get my hands on really) to allude to those other worlds that touch upon dreams, though rooted in reality, appealing to the child we once were, and the adult we have become."

Behind Closed Doors Exhibition 






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