About Us


Established in 1982, Artlink is a registered charity working within the former sub-region of Humberside. Originally Artlink was part of the national disability arts network Shape. Since 1992, the organisation has redefined itself as an arts access agency, which aims to create greater access to the arts for all in traditionally, excluded groups within society. As such, Artlink is a unique organisation within the region providing a unique service.

We have a comprehensive history of developing and delivering a wide range of successful high quality and valid art projects in consultation with the community. Indeed, projects enabling community development and involvement are the main focus of our activities, and we have been recognised as a key provider of these activities.

Artlink is also unique as it is the only organisation that can offer access to all art forms and works with all sectors of the community.

We are focused on developing a variety of small and large scale projects to meet our longer-term strategic aims, also to ensure we are responding effectively to the community’s needs. We also continually review our artistic policy, developing our community outreach galleries and gallery workshops across Hull. Developing support structures for local artists through the Cartwheels course and forum events and encouraging artists from outside the area to exhibit their work through Artlink galleries and work as a community artist in Hull.

Many years of hard work, by many staff, are paying off with Artlink know being recognised as a key provider of innovative community based-projects.

However rather than become complacent, we aim to continue developing new and exciting projects in partnership with other agencies and secure opportunities for the community to access the arts for a long time to come.

Artlink moves into new Centre in July 2007

Artlink was established in 1982 as Hull's only independent community arts organisation, after 7 years of fundraising, planning and renovation Artlink opened the doors to Hulls first Centre for Community Arts, the official launch day took place on the 7th December 2007. The day was filled with fun and engaging workshops, tours of the building and a cake-cutting ceremony with the Board Chair, Terry Bowker. On the evening, Artlink’s staff and Board were joined by over 250 supporters to continue the celebration. Special thanks to Mr. Kim Ryley, Chief Executive of Hull City Council, who officially opened Artlink’s new home at 87 Princes Avenue, Hull. Artlink also wishes to thank the Board and all the artists, volunteers and participants who made the launch a very special day. Here’s to 25 more years of inspiring and meaningful community arts work.

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